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This is the Australian portal for Human Resources Management in the Building and Construction Industry in Australia. The website is designed to give readers and members a full insight into techniques and management strategies for builders and construction companies in all Australian capital cities including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. will publish guides and tools that will be useful for the building industry.

To learn more about industry news and regulations you can visit the resources page for relevant links for each capital city. Industry specific news relates to the roofing, building inspection, renovations and residential construction within Australia.…

If you are looking to build a new home in Australia, you may want to explore a wide variety of different ideas. In fact, if you want to follow one of the latest trends in building constructions, you may be interested in a completely new innovative revolution.

One in which starts off with the basics of the home designed with shipping containers. These designs are currently being customized to meet the need of the homeowner.

To get started, here are 12 Simple Steps to Building your Shipping Container Home.


1) Start Your Project Out with sorting out the appropriate permits, planning, and compliance


Some areas in this new home building project cannot be eliminated. Nor, can the owner of the home or builder take shortcuts. In particular, during the initial stages that require you to obtain the appropriate permits.

It is also important for homeowners to ensure that they have a solid plan and the local councils permission to build a home. Ask a local supplier like Nationwide Container Sales to see if you need council permission to build in your area.

Therefore, one of the best ways to ensure that you have what you need is to hire an architect that specializes in this new industry.

12 Simple Steps to Building your Shipping Container Home

2) Obtain your shipping containers for the Structure

After your initial plans have been approved, the next step in this process is to secure all of your shipping containers. The sizes and the number of the shipping containers required will be based on the scale of your home’s plans.


3) Make sure You Hire the Essential Resources

When starting this kind of home project, you should also make sure that you are hiring the appropriate resources to start and complete the job. Therefore, in this situation, you will need to recruit and hire the following professionals in this industry:


  • Project manager
  • Builders
  • Subcontractors
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians


It is also important to note that you should always avoid the do it yourself shipping container home projects. Specifically, if you do not want your new home to be a part of the DIY nightmares.


4) Prepare the site for the Construction

Before the shipping containers are delivered to the site, you should make sure the site is prepared in advance for the construction. For instance, you should make sure the grounds are prepared with the following:


  • Various utilities such as electricity,
  • Gas lines
  • Septic tanks
  • Plumbing and sewage
  • Stormwater drains


5) Lay the foundations

Another essential part of this preparation is to lay the foundation. This foundation must be solid in order for the project to go out as planned. For instance, the utilities should be set in its positions based on the plans. So, a concrete slab will need to be poured in the designated place according to the layout of the home.


6) Customize the containers


When building a shipping container home, changes will need to be made to the shipping containers themselves. This entire process is dependent upon the design of the new home.

For instance, it is important that the walls and the roofing accommodate the structural integrity of the new building. In fact, a structural engineer will need to be involved in this process.


7) Containers Must be attached to each other and the foundation

Once the foundation has been laid, the containers can be placed in the right orders, and then attached to each other and the foundation. To ensure this process is made easy, steel plates should be placed strategically in the foundation for both the setting and the welling process.


8) Install the windows or the home and exterior doors


When all of the shipping containers are in place, the next step is to install the windows and the exterior doors. To ensure these parts are structurally sound, they must be reinforced and inspected before it is complete.


9) Install fixtures and fittings

Fixture and fittings are also a big part of coming to the completion of this type of new structure. Therefore, when working on the interior of the building, you should be hiring contractors to:

  • Install all electrical wiring
  • Install drywall
  • Plaster the seams
  • Paint the inside of the building
  • And install any other work before the inspection

Shipping Container Home


10) and sign off

If the work has been done properly as instructed in all of the aforementioned steps, it is time for the inspection to be done and to obtain the sign off. So, it is essential that the project manager coordinates these efforts to get the sign off without any unnecessary problems.


11) Landscaping and decorating

When the sign off has been obtained, the landscape completion is the next step in making sure the new home is ready for the owners. The owner can make sure this step will have a nice attractive curb appeal that makes it look like a beautiful new home.


12) Move in

After the home has been built and the landscape is complete, the only thing that is left is move in time.



Building and Pest Inspection Guide

Australian Guide to Building and Pest Inspections

Building Inspections Guide Australia

This is a guide to help you learn about building and pest inspections and the importance they play when buying or selling a property in any Australian city including Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sydney. The greatest investment you are most likely to undertake is your home. You want to take every necessary caution to ensure you are getting the best deal, a place you will live in for the better part of your life raising children, your property is important. One of the vital steps to ensure you make a good investment decision is getting a building and pest inspection. You are most likely to have nightmares when termite infestations, house defects and other hazards becomes a nuisance if you do not carry out a building inspection. Both Brisbane and the Gold Coast have a number of qualified building inspectors that can carry out your inspections using a range of equipment including thermal image cameras. Have you taken professional precautions to understand the condition of the property you are buying or selling? For home owners in Brisbane there are quite a few choices when finding qualified building inspectors like Pro Inspections Brisbane who provide fast and very accurate inspection reports.

What is a Building Inspection?

What Is A Building Inspection

A building inspection is simply an expert written report detailing the state of a property at that time when it was inspected by a building inspector. It is very necessary that every home or property buyer to carry out a building inspection through an experienced inspector prior to purchase, irrespective of the property age.

What is a Pest Inspection?

What Is A Pest Inspection

The pest inspection process determines if your home is vulnerable to some species of insects, whether the property has potential for harboring such insects. Some of the common yet dangerous pests that are detected by the process include ants, rats and termites. Queensland Health provides a detailed overview of pest related information here.

Is Pest and Building Inspection Necessary?

Did you know that termites can bring your home down just under a few months? The termites are lethal, they can work unnoticed on your walls, in the compound and in your house causing serious damage a few years later. It costs as much as $7,000 to repair termite damage, in worst case scenarios, homeowners are forced to evacuate. You can easily save hundreds of thousands of dollars today by practicing due diligence and conduct an expert inspection before purchase. Getting to know any potential risk about your home will give you the bargaining power to help reduce costs to cover for the risk.

Here are the benefits of a building inspection:

  • The homebuyer becomes aware of potential risks up front to help them avoid structural problems that are very expensive to correct. If there are no serious issues discovered, and only minor challenges are noticed, the buyers have an upper hand during price negotiation.
  • The building and pest report is not used to determine whether you should buy the property or not, the report advises the buyer and the seller whether the home needs a repair or not.

You can learn more from the department of housing who provides the guidelines for inspection class ratings.

Who needs Building and Pest Inspection?

Both the buyer and the sellers need the inspection reports for both building and pests. The two parties need to understand what the actual condition of the building is before striking the deal. Only a viable report can therefore act as a guide for both the buyer and seller, allowing them to come to agreement on certain issues that are likely to affect the pricing of the home.

Building and Pest Inspection Reports

Australia has provided the legal guidelines that should be used by experts to yield a reliable inspection report. The guidelines act as a check fraudulent inspector who would not give the actual detailed inspection results causing huge damage to property buyers. It is a good idea to combine both pests and building inspection to reduce on the costs of the process. Always hire only a professional and experienced building inspector who will give a comprehensive report beneficial to you.

Australian Pre-Purchase Inspections

You need to carry out an inspection before buying a home. Anyone planning to purchase a new home, demolish the existing home or renovate the home should contact the building and pest inspectors for peace of mind. Some of the inspection services you get from the experts include:

  1. Mould Inspection
  2. Defect Inspection
  3. Pre-Purchase Building Inspection
  4. General construction advice
  5. Defect inspections


An on-site building inspection is carried out. In case problems are discovered, a further research should be undertaken to deeply understand the situation. A simple to understand ye detailed report is then handed over to you for action. Get in touch with the experts to for further explanation of the report.


Building and pest inspection is a necessary evil you cannot do away with when planning to purchase your home. You get to know which pests are likely to invade your home, the process of remedy, approximate cost of remedy, and other vital information relating to home hazards. Only carry out an inspection through a reputable, experienced and reliable inspector. This is Australian Building and Pest Inspections Guide…

New Metal Roofing Options in Australia

Metal Roofing Australia

Many people these days go for different styles of roofing for various reasons. Some just want to add beauty to their houses, while others choose a certain style due to its durability and other advantages. This article is going to describe the new metal roofing options in Australia. For residents throughout Brisbane and Sydney the roofing options are endless. With so many roofing companies competing for business, it opens up the market and gives great opportunities for customer to get amazing cost effective deals. Brisbane has a range of qualified roofing contractors including Pro Build Roofing Brisbane who offers experienced roofing contractors for homes and commercial property. There are also a range of metal roof solutions with companies providing different choices in colour options, style and price ranges.

What Is Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing is a roofing system which involves the use of metal pieces or tiles. This type of roofing adds beauty to the house besides increasing its durability. It is available in many colors, textures and styles. Many people choose to install it because of its reliability in providing protection against rain, the sun, snow and wind without forfeiting an outstanding visual effect.

Metal Roofing Suppliers in Australia

Metal Roofing Suppliers

Steel Roofing Supply Center (SRSC)

These supply metal roofing and wall systems. They offer several metal roofing options which include: Copper roofs, Colorbond and Zinc. Colorbond is supplied in over 30 colors and is the perfect choice for people that have a low budget. Zinc roofs are supplied in over 6 different colors. SRSC provides metal roofing materials that are fit for imaginative building projects.


This is another major manufacture of steel building products. Their products are supplied through a nationwide network of centers. The reputation of Stramit products is built on great customer service, reliability and quality. Their roofing products include Curved Corrugated & Bullnose Roof Cladding, Sunset Patio Panel, Corrugated Roof & Wall Cladding, Stramit Speed Deck Ultra, Concealed Fixed Decking and others. Learn more


Metroll is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of metal building materials in Australia. They provide quality advice to their customers about the products they produce.

Bluescope Steel

This company produces flat steel products. Besides Australia, it also operates in New Zealand, Pacific islands, north America and Asia. The company possesses trusted systems and well-informed people that guarantee to give you a peace of mind when it comes to steel products.


This is a team of trusted Australian metal roofing suppliers. They supply other steel building products besides metal roofing. The company has experts that are very skilled and able to handle any home renovation or commercial project. Their roofings are locally made from genuine Zincalume and Colorbond materials which are built to last.

How to Find a Roofing Contractor in Your Area?

There may be very many roofing contractors in your area; however, finding one that is right for you may be a bit challenging if you don’t know how to go along with it.

Below are some of the steps you can take to find the right roofing contractor in your area.

  • Word of mouth is a great way to discover an outstanding roofing specialist with a great track record. When you read or hear legitimately positive criticism about a certain contractor, just know that you are headed to the right direction.
  • Create a list of possible candidates and take some time to evaluate them. If a company or individual don’t respond like you expect them to, just know that they are unprofessional. Getting in contact with a professional roofing contractor should be stress free.
  • Checkout their work history and references.• Ask them about their abilities and skills. Ensure that they’re legally able to work on your house project.
  • Schedule a meeting with them to discuss your roofing needs.
  • When you are convinced, sign the necessary agreement.

Advantages of Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Advantages

Metal roofing offers distinct advantages in contrast to other roofing options and they include:

  • Metal roofing lasts longer than other roofing options such as asphalt tiles. A metal roof can last between 30 and 60 years with a smaller degree of decomposition and disintegration.
  • Metal is incredibly fire resistant by nature. Having a fire proof surface usually makes people that live in wildfire areas feel safer.• Metal roofs are lighter than other types of roofs. As a result, they exert less stress on the house’s rafters and walls.
  • Due to the metal’s ability to expand and contract with heat, it provides solid protection against heat waves, sleet & hailstorms, snow and hurricane winds.
  • Due to the metal’s ability to reflect plenty of the sun’s energy, it ends up saving the homeowner money on costs of heating and electricity. For example, a light-colored roof may save the homeowner 20% on costs of air conditioning in the summer.
  • The architecture of any home can be complimented by the right metal roofing style. This is because metals can be textured or covered with any color so as to resemble the chiseled surface of slate or the striated grain. The metal sheets can also be arranged in a variety of ways; for example, you may choose to have small tiles, vertical slats, offset rows or large sheets depending on your tastes and preferences.
  • Metal roofs can be installed over an existing asphalt roof without any demolition.
  • Metal roofing is largely constructed using recycled materials.
  • Metal roofs are 100 percent recyclable.


As you can see there is a large range of metal roofing options for Australians with many companies offering very affordable high quality products. For home owners throughout Brisbane you can do a local search to find the best possible deals available.…