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If you are looking to build a new home in Australia, you may want to explore a wide variety of different ideas. In fact, if you want to follow one of the latest trends in building constructions, you may be interested in a completely new innovative revolution.

One in which starts off with the basics of the home designed with shipping containers. These designs are currently being customized to meet the need of the homeowner.

To get started, here are 12 Simple Steps to Building your Shipping Container Home.


1) Start Your Project Out with sorting out the appropriate permits, planning, and compliance


Some areas in this new home building project cannot be eliminated. Nor, can the owner of the home or builder take shortcuts. In particular, during the initial stages that require you to obtain the appropriate permits.

It is also important for homeowners to ensure that they have a solid plan and the local councils permission to build a home. Ask a local supplier like Nationwide Container Sales to see if you need council permission to build in your area.

Therefore, one of the best ways to ensure that you have what you need is to hire an architect that specializes in this new industry.

12 Simple Steps to Building your Shipping Container Home

2) Obtain your shipping containers for the Structure

After your initial plans have been approved, the next step in this process is to secure all of your shipping containers. The sizes and the number of the shipping containers required will be based on the scale of your home’s plans.


3) Make sure You Hire the Essential Resources

When starting this kind of home project, you should also make sure that you are hiring the appropriate resources to start and complete the job. Therefore, in this situation, you will need to recruit and hire the following professionals in this industry:


  • Project manager
  • Builders
  • Subcontractors
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians


It is also important to note that you should always avoid the do it yourself shipping container home projects. Specifically, if you do not want your new home to be a part of the DIY nightmares.


4) Prepare the site for the Construction

Before the shipping containers are delivered to the site, you should make sure the site is prepared in advance for the construction. For instance, you should make sure the grounds are prepared with the following:


  • Various utilities such as electricity,
  • Gas lines
  • Septic tanks
  • Plumbing and sewage
  • Stormwater drains


5) Lay the foundations

Another essential part of this preparation is to lay the foundation. This foundation must be solid in order for the project to go out as planned. For instance, the utilities should be set in its positions based on the plans. So, a concrete slab will need to be poured in the designated place according to the layout of the home.


6) Customize the containers


When building a shipping container home, changes will need to be made to the shipping containers themselves. This entire process is dependent upon the design of the new home.

For instance, it is important that the walls and the roofing accommodate the structural integrity of the new building. In fact, a structural engineer will need to be involved in this process.


7) Containers Must be attached to each other and the foundation

Once the foundation has been laid, the containers can be placed in the right orders, and then attached to each other and the foundation. To ensure this process is made easy, steel plates should be placed strategically in the foundation for both the setting and the welling process.


8) Install the windows or the home and exterior doors


When all of the shipping containers are in place, the next step is to install the windows and the exterior doors. To ensure these parts are structurally sound, they must be reinforced and inspected before it is complete.


9) Install fixtures and fittings

Fixture and fittings are also a big part of coming to the completion of this type of new structure. Therefore, when working on the interior of the building, you should be hiring contractors to:

  • Install all electrical wiring
  • Install drywall
  • Plaster the seams
  • Paint the inside of the building
  • And install any other work before the inspection

Shipping Container Home


10) and sign off

If the work has been done properly as instructed in all of the aforementioned steps, it is time for the inspection to be done and to obtain the sign off. So, it is essential that the project manager coordinates these efforts to get the sign off without any unnecessary problems.


11) Landscaping and decorating

When the sign off has been obtained, the landscape completion is the next step in making sure the new home is ready for the owners. The owner can make sure this step will have a nice attractive curb appeal that makes it look like a beautiful new home.


12) Move in

After the home has been built and the landscape is complete, the only thing that is left is move in time.